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By May 18, 2012 Style

 {gorgeous necklace made by the bean and the sprout}

{multicolor glitter polish from american apparel – also love this one }
{j crew shirt dress and flats, c/o asos bag}{lucky fortune cookie}
{audrey brooke bow heels, j crew pants, banana republic denim button down}
{afternoon at the salon}

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early spring

By March 20, 2012 Style

I love everything about this early onset spring/summer we’ve been having. I’ll even take the rain and a little wind {…or a lot of wind, as was clearly the case this day,} in exchange for temps typical of mid-summer. While I’m almost sad I didn’t get to wear my fur vests or chunky scarves this winter, I’ll take my tallest strappy heels over that any day.

{vest: old navy, tee: target, skirt: american apparel, shoes: ann taylor, sunglasses: rayban, necklace: f21, watch: c/o la mer}

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friday faves

By November 19, 2010 Style

4 things that have made this dreary cold week just a bit brighter…

-browsing through the annual-nay, iconic, Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. For years I have looked forward to slowly devouring each fantasy filled gift page. Some of the options are so over the top it is hard to believe they are actually for sale! But really, who wouldn’t want an edible gingerbread playhouse? For $15,000 you too can let your children’s Willy Wonka and Barbie house dreams come true-at the same time!

edible gingerbread playhouse, dylan's candy bar, $15,000

-my Rosebud Salve. I purchased my first tin years ago at an Urban Outfitters, and go on and off with being completely obsessed with it. Currently I’m using it as a lip balm and cuticle softener…about 10x/day as the cooler weather is so drying on my skin.

-nabbing an American Apparel Groupon! $25 for a $50 gift card to a great store where I can buy anything from perfectly broken in tee’s to this multi-layered reversible petticoat? Yes. Please.

-earmuffs! I vaguely remember rocking them as a child, yet for the past 15 years I seemed to forgot they existed. But I’ve seen some fun ones around and am slowly building up a love for them again.

emilio pucci earmuffs, $217.50

Happy Friday to you!

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