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By September 10, 2014 Beauty


I’ve had a love affair with my eyelash curler for pretty much as long as I can remember. It’s the one makeup bag and purse staple that when used, I finally feel ‘put together.’ When Veet asked me to be part of their ‘Girl Truths’ campaign, and share a silly ritual that I do on the regular, I knew it involved my trusty eyelash curler. I admit to keeping one at all times in several purses, my makeup bag, and sometimes even in my car. It’s ridiculous, I know! But I love that little metal clamp and what it does – or really, how it makes me feel.

I want to know what your ‘Girl Truth’ is – what little beauty routine do you do regularly that you know may be a bit unnecessary, but you do it anyway? Leave a comment by Friday 9/12 sharing what it is and you’ll be entered to win great Veet products. (My personal fave – the Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover – it’s superfast and easy to use, and gets all the spots on my legs I tend to miss with a razor!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Veet. As always , thanks for supporting all a Sequin Dress at Breakfast sponsors.

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By August 26, 2014 Style


Paisley2 {gifted rock n reconstruct dress, gap jean jacket, matisse flats, lulu frost bracelet, gifted loren hope necklace}

I just got back from a quick couple days in Chicago and this dress colorful gem made the trip with me. It’s so lightweight, doesn’t show wrinkles, and the fun print is the best (isn’t it?!) The two things that are most important to me when I’m going out of town – even if just for a night – is to pack as light and efficiently as possible – something I’ve gotten much better at over the past year or so – and taking in as much of the new place as I can. I tend to avoid Starbucks and other places I can easily go to at home, and try to hunt down the best local joints. Speaking of checking out new places, this weekend the boyfriend and I are heading out to Yosemite National Park! It’s one of his favorite spots so he has some experience with the park but I’ve never been – so if anyone has some must-do’s we should check out while there, let me know!



Photography by Justin Meyer

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beauty buys: august

By August 20, 2014 Beauty

summerBeauty {sheswai polish in ‘hot damn,’ avon anew pro line eraser treatment, olay total effects eye treatment, baiden mitten, yes to cucumbers facial towelettes, benefit sugar bomb lip gloss}

While I’ve still been keeping my ‘get ready’ routine light, quick and simple this summer, (I’m still letting my hair air dry as much as I can,) these have been my go-to products lately that I’ve been loving.

This deep magenta color is my current favorite polish – Sheswai is an eco-friendly line – both in the ingredients they use in their polish and the wooden cap which was sustainably harvested. I picked mine up locally at Eden.

I usually keep it simple with a basic moisturizer on my face (or just straight coconut oil!) but lately have felt the need to use some more potent products – this Avon treatment and Olay eye cream have been making my skin feel soft and smooth, and like I’m doing something more to treat my face well.

The baiden mitten. Where do I even start? Once you read this article, you too will instantly be grabbing your credit card and shelling out $50 for a small piece of rough cloth. I really couldn’t even try to write a more compelling review than this, so I won’t even try. While I love my Frank, the Baiden Mitten is other worldly.

These face wipes have been a traveling staple for weekend getaways. They make my face feel so clean and fresh, I sometimes use them at home if I’m feeling extra tired at night, instead of my normal face wash.

Finally, this lip gloss has been around forever but I recently got back into it and love the glossy nude color and the yummy scent.

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line i love: stutterheim

By August 18, 2014 Style

Stutterheim1 There’s nothing better in the over-saturated world of clothing brands than a line with a really cool, authentic story behind it. I happened to find Stutterheim – a line of handmade rain coats – first through Instagram, and I quickly became obsessed with their clean simple lines, classic color options, and the fact that they had a sturdy hood. And then I learned more about how they’re made. Every single coat is completely made by hand – how incredible is that?

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a good, hooded rain coat for awhile now and while that sounds like it should be an easy thing to track down, it’s taken a bit of a hunt to find one. After spending some time on their website I’ve sort of become obsessed with the line and getting one for myself – each coat is numbered and signed by the seamstress, the founder made his first jacket based off of an old rain coat of his grandfathers that he unexpectedly stumbled upon, and they’re all produced in the last textile factory that exists in Sweden. I just can’t decide which color to pick – I’m leaning towards the black and white one above. It’s just too perfect and I know I’d love it forever – and it’d make the occasional dreary downpour something to actually look forward to.





Photos via here and here

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