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By March 20, 2015 Life, Travel

These past 2 weeks have been full of so many big things + big trips…another visit to sunny Miami, ringing in my birthday, celebrating at the most fun wedding of 2 dear friends, saying goodbye to a best friend moving far away, a week in California for LA market and to celebrate a friends birthday, and now I’m working in Denver for a few days. With so much bouncing around lately from city to city I’m trying to take it all in and between work commitments enjoy each place I get to visit – trying local foodie favorites and hunting down the best coffee and juice shops, getting outside as much as possible to take in the city and scenery and sunsets, and seeing old friends I don’t get to see often. It’s a lot – but I’m enjoying my work so much so it’s been a fun sort of chaos!

With each trip I’m getting better about packing smart and traveling efficiently, and making the most of my limited time home. While the blog has taken a backseat lately it will morph into a bit of a travel diary until I’m back at home for awhile!

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recent travels

By February 25, 2015 Life, Travel



The past few weeks have been a total whirlwind of flights, hotels, packing, unpacking, running around, and trying to adjust to every time zone except the one I’m used to! I’m currently on my way home from 2+ weeks of nonstop travel spending time in Miami, Las Vegas, and New York City, and I’m a mix of dead tired and extra energized.



Backing up a bit, Proper closed in early January after the company decided to turn the store back into an all mens shop, and soon after I started with a jewelry line that I loved and carried at Proper. It’s a big transition to go from working a very set schedule of retail hours and weekends, to suddenly traveling more than you’re home. I couldn’t be more excited about it – I’m not much of a routine girl and have really loved getting to spend time in some of my favorite cities (and soak up some warmer weather!)



Throughout all the recent work travels I’ve been able to squeeze in a little bit of play time – relaxing at the Standard Hotel Spa in Miami, surviving my first Soul Cycle class (ohmigosh!), indulging at lots of incredible restaurants (highlights include apps at the Delano and breakfast at The Edition in Miami, Katsuya in Vegas, and The Select, Smile, and Sun in Bloom in NYC), a long stroll along the beach and an early morning run along the Vegas strip, taking in a Britney Spears concert in Vegas, and catching up with NYC friends over tea, wine, and dinner dates.

Traveling is great but home is so sweet. Looking forward to unwinding at home for a bit before the next adventure starts.





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camping weekend

By February 13, 2015 Travel


Hello from always sunny + warm Miami! Before I set off for my big work trip, I went on an impromptu getaway to…Arkansas! The boyfriend and I plus a small crew of fun people headed south for a weekend of camping in Horseshoe Canyon. It was a nice little escape together from the cold for a few days and a good way to unplug and spend some time outdoors. I tried my hand at climbing a bit, roasted marshmallows over the fire, and curled up in a sleeping bag at night in a tent under a clear sky full of stars. While I usually am more of a beach or city kind of girl – it was the perfect escape from reality before a busy few weeks.





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up next

By February 4, 2015 Life


January was a whirlwind of a month, and somehow those 4 quick weeks brought about more changes than I could have even guessed at the beginning of 2015. With big exciting moves all happening this week in both my personal and professional life, I took this past weekend to enjoy some serious downtime. When I look back at the resolutions I made just over a month ago, I feel like I’m right on track with what I said I wanted to do this year.

I’ve continued purging tons of stuff. The less clutter and objects I have filling up my space, the less it clutters up my mind. I’ve finally been letting go of things I’ve held on to for years for one reason or another – stacks of old magazines (I’ll never look back at most of them), half used bottles of toiletries (why did I never finish them?), and other things that just have stuck with me for too long without good reason. The other resolution I’m following through on is the travel more part. Next week I leave for a 16 day trek through some of my favorite US cities, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Turns out resolutions don’t always work out in the way you planned, but sometimes they work out in ways even better than you’d imagined.

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