beauty buys: august

By August 20, 2014 Beauty

summerBeauty {sheswai polish in ‘hot damn,’ avon anew pro line eraser treatment, olay total effects eye treatment, baiden mitten, yes to cucumbers facial towelettes, benefit sugar bomb lip gloss}

While I’ve still been keeping my ‘get ready’ routine light, quick and simple this summer, (I’m still letting my hair air dry as much as I can,) these have been my go-to products lately that I’ve been loving.

This deep magenta color is my current favorite polish – Sheswai is an eco-friendly line – both in the ingredients they use in their polish and the wooden cap which was sustainably harvested. I picked mine up locally at Eden.

I usually keep it simple with a basic moisturizer on my face (or just straight coconut oil!) but lately have felt the need to use some more potent products – this Avon treatment and Olay eye cream have been making my skin feel soft and smooth, and like I’m doing something more to treat my face well.

The baiden mitten. Where do I even start? Once you read this article, you too will instantly be grabbing your credit card and shelling out $50 for a small piece of rough cloth. I really couldn’t even try to write a more compelling review than this, so I won’t even try. While I love my Frank, the Baiden Mitten is other worldly.

These face wipes have been a traveling staple for weekend getaways. They make my face feel so clean and fresh, I sometimes use them at home if I’m feeling extra tired at night, instead of my normal face wash.

Finally, this lip gloss has been around forever but I recently got back into it and love the glossy nude color and the yummy scent.

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line i love: stutterheim

By August 18, 2014 Style

Stutterheim1 There’s nothing better in the over-saturated world of clothing brands than a line with a really cool, authentic story behind it. I happened to find Stutterheim – a line of handmade rain coats – first through Instagram, and I quickly became obsessed with their clean simple lines, classic color options, and the fact that they had a sturdy hood. And then I learned more about how they’re made. Every single coat is completely made by hand – how incredible is that?

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a good, hooded rain coat for awhile now and while that sounds like it should be an easy thing to track down, it’s taken a bit of a hunt to find one. After spending some time on their website I’ve sort of become obsessed with the line and getting one for myself – each coat is numbered and signed by the seamstress, the founder made his first jacket based off of an old rain coat of his grandfathers that he unexpectedly stumbled upon, and they’re all produced in the last textile factory that exists in Sweden. I just can’t decide which color to pick – I’m leaning towards the black and white one above. It’s just too perfect and I know I’d love it forever – and it’d make the occasional dreary downpour something to actually look forward to.





Photos via here and here

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summer lbd

By August 16, 2014 Style


OldNavyDress {old navy dress, banana republic clutch, bcbg shoes via marshalls, karen walker sunglasses, sorrelli bracelet, bauble bar earrings}

Cheers to making it through another week – I’m really glad the weekend is here. My week stayed busy with a trip to the state fair (where we consumed cheese curds + a funnel cake + mac n cheese and more on a stick…allllll fried! Oofta), a sand volleyball game, yoga and a couple bike rides (to try to undo some of the damage from aforementioned fried feast), several meetings for a really cool upcoming event called Art Meets Fashion, and making plans for upcoming visits to Chicago, Cali, and NYC.

While running around a few weeks ago picking up some new workout gear I happened to get distracted by this cute LBD and while there’s no shortage of dresses in my closet it was too cute not to snap up instantly. While I don’t see it available online anymore this is a close lookalike and I’d bet they still have the one I got in most stores.



Photography by Justin Meyer

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the week

By August 13, 2014 Life


This past week has sort of been a doozie. Last week marked one year since losing my dad, and it was a hard one to get through. So many memories bubble back up every time I think of my dad, but knowing it’s been one full year felt like some sort of hurtful confirmation of reality. While there’s so many happy memories to look back on, I have a hard time thinking about the future, and all the things – big and little – that he isn’t and won’t ever be here for.

If there was anything positive about last week it was the outpouring of love that really comes out during the toughest of times. From kind notes arriving in my mailbox, to friends stopping by just to give me a hug, to booking a trip to California as something fun to look forward to – those closest to me really know how to make me smile, and for that I am lucky.

Another fun thing from this past week – shooting for a project called Make Des Moines, which we shot inside my apartment. Sharing a couple pics from what we shot here on the blog, but you can read the full post here.


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