denim dress

By June 1, 2015 Style

Asos3{gifted asos dress, soludos shoes, karen walker sunglasses, sorrelli earrings, miansai watch, sorial bag via marshalls}

Since I started my new job in February, when I’m not traveling for work I’m working from home. I love it! Even though I don’t technically have to get full on ‘ready’ first thing every morning now, I still like to feel put together – it somehow makes me more productive. So my go-to pieces usually are casual, easy to wear, and can go from sitting in a coffee shop all day to running out for an impromptu lunch date. This new jean dress has been my go-to piece since it started getting warmer – I can dress it up or down and it just seems perfect for every warm summer day.

I’m especially grateful to be working from home today, after a big full weekend. I ran a half marathon, danced all night at a fun wedding, and spent a lot of time stretching and recovering. I’m nursing some sore legs today but feeling pretty great overall.


Photography by Justin Meyer

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By May 26, 2015 Beauty

As a lifelong lash-obsessed gal – I’ve always been obsessed with finding the best mascara and using the best eyelash curlers – when my own lashes started to slowly disappear a couple years ago (I’ll attribute it to stress) I was really bothered about it. No amount of good mascara + my trusty lash curler could help my sparse lashes, and I decided to recruit the help of a lash growing product. After doing quite a bit of research and reading countless reviews it seemed like Neulash was many girls go-to. I liked that it didn’t require a prescription and didn’t seem to have any scary side effects like some lash serums do, but the reviews really sold it for me. It seemed a little pricey at first but I was desperate for full lashes again! The small silver tube is full of a clear serum that you paint along your lash line – I used it diligently every morning and night and after about 3 months my lashes started filling in big time. (Actually – I knew it was working when I was at dinner with a girlfriend and she complimented my lashes – I wanted to hug her!) I’ve continued to use Neulash regularly and love love love it. It’s not cheap but the tube lasts almost 8 months and has been worth every penny to me (and every single one of my new lashes!)

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arizona getaway

By May 13, 2015 Travel

ValleyHoRooms1 {our simple + colorful hotel room}

Kaleidescope {the superfood packed + gorgeous pitaya bowl at Kaleidescope Juice}

Last weekend mom and I escaped south to our favorite quick getaway spot – Scottsdale, AZ. We love the guaranteed warm desert weather, quick direct flight, countless great restaurants, and staying at the retro chic Hotel Valley Ho. Perfectly timed to enjoy Mothers Day weekend together, we lounged by the pool, took daily long walks, checked out a couple new restaurants (Kaleidescope Juice and The Montauk) and hit up a few old favorites (we always love Chop Shop, Cafe Zuzu and The Herb Box), went on a mini hike, did a little shopping, and read a foot-tall stack of magazines. We came back feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready for summer.

At a friends suggestion a few years back, mom and I have stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho a number of times – it’s totally retro-cool but casual, has a great bar and restaurant, is close to everything the Old Town area of the city, and has the friendliest staff. Highly recommended – we love it there!

Arizona {the beautiful + well manicured gardens around the hotel}

WhishVisit {a visit to Whish Body}

ValleyHoRooms {private patios at our hotel}

Union {visited super cool shop For The People}

ValleyHo {fresh limes growing outside our room}

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By April 29, 2015 Beauty

Whish4{whish sugar scrub in lavender, body oil in blueberry, body butter in lemongrass}

Over the past few years my eating habits have grown up a bit. I try to buy organic, love to cook at home, and aim to eat my veggies daily. (Not that I’m ever one to turn down an ice cream cone, but I’ve learned that when I eat well I feel better!) Having learned a lot about all the junk that goes into processed food, it’s made me more aware of what I put in my body as well as what I put on it. I’ve in turn become more picky about what products I use on my face and body, and recently tried out the Whish product line after reading how it was paraben / sulfate / DEA / a-bunch-of-other-junk free.


 The only problem I’ve had with some all natural products is that they don’t smell the most pleasant, but Whish has completely won me over with it’s delicious and sweet candy-like scent. Since the day it arrived I’ve been a devoted daily body oil user, and have been using the scrub a few times a week in the shower. I very rarely buy the same product twice in hopes that there’s always a newer, nicer, better one to try – but this one is going to be a staple and reordered as soon as it gets low. My skin drinks it up and I feel good knowing I’m wearing a thoughtfully-made all natural product.

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