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By January 9, 2015 Beauty

I find myself constantly exclaiming ‘Oh this is my favorite!’ in regards to all sorts of various things, so I decided to create a weekly roundup of my 5 favorites – each week in a different category. From clothing items, to beauty must haves, to food and drinks, look for this regular column sharing my top 5 picks. To kick it off, this week I’m sharing my 5 favorite bathroom products. These are the core items I use pretty much every single day – and after years of trial and error testing – these 5 items have proved to be true winners in my book.


1. I’ve raved about my blowdryer before and I will probably forever until the day it kicks the bucket. Since the very first time I used it I fondly refer to it as a reverse vacuum. It’s super powerful, easy on my hair, and makes all other blowdryers feel weak and worthless. Hair dryers are something I believe that you really get what you pay for. Sadly my specific one isn’t made anymore but this one seems to be the most similar and has tons of rave reviews. If you blow dry your hair everyday, invest in a good dryer!

2. Face wash wipes. I’m currently using these and in this case I don’t have a favorite go-to brand, but I always keep some sort of face wash wipes on hand. They ensure I never have an excuse to not wash my face before I go to bed and are great to help freshen up after a sweaty workout.

3. My Mason Pearson comb is the best. It glides through my hair, untangles like a charm, and I have to admit I also really like it because I just think it looks pretty if I happen to leave it out on my bathroom counter. I got mine locally at eden, you can also find them online here.

4. Forget all other tools in my makeup bag – my eyelash curlers are always my favorite. I’ve tried lots of different brands but for the past couple years my go-to is one by Japonesque. Not only does it curl the best, but you can order free replacement pads anytime!

5. I’ve tested a handful of flat irons over the past few years and this ghd one takes the cake. It heats up super fast, always runs silky smooth through my hair, and the (very few!) times I’ve accidentally left it on too long, it turns off automatically after 30 minutes! It’s pricey but worth it as I’ve found that cheaper ones had to be replaced regularly.



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the bow

By January 7, 2015 Style

KateSpadeCoat {old kate spade coat (similar here ), j brand jeans, wolverine bonny boots, demylee sweater, wink and winn purse, sorrelli earrings}

The first big snowstorm of the season hit this week and it’s got me craving cozy sweats, nights in with hot tea and homemade soup, and my next warm weather getaway. While I’ve been purging like crazy from my regular closet, my collection of outerwear that I’ve acquired through the years probably won’t be dwindling down too much. As a warm weather loving girl, I’ve always justified outerwear purchases with the reasoning that pretty outerwear makes nasty winters just a little bit more bearable.




Photography by Justin Meyer (1st 3 photos) and Laura Wills (4th photo)

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the new year

By January 6, 2015 Life


Like everyone else in the world, the start of the new year has got me motivated in all sorts of ways. The biggest resolution I have hanging over my head as I move into 2015 is to live with less. Less of a lot…less stuff, less stress, less clutter, less worry. While this concept can prove to be difficult for someone working as a buyer in the retail industry (clothes, clothes, accessories, and more clothes!), as I bounced through the last month of holiday events, loads of shopping, and staying on the go nonstop, I started to feel an overwhelming feeling every time I went into my closet or said yes to doing something I really didn’t feel like doing. I started putting this plan into action on New Years Day by purging a serious chunk of my closet, and I already feel 100x lighter. On the flip side – there’s a few more things I’d like more of in 2015. More adventures. More yoga. More travel. More quality time with people that are important to me. More time dedicated to this blog. More spontaneous plans. More of the good, less of the bad – seems like such a simple concept doesn’t it? Cheers to the new year – and all the good things to come in 2015.

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2014, looking back

By December 29, 2014 Life

grand canyon

blue convertible

2014, you really were a gem. Looking back at the ups and downs of 2013 made me think a lot about how this past year has been so different from the one before. So much fun + travel + good times + good things. It was…a trip to Arizona with a girlfriend and renting a bright blue convertible to road trip to the Grand Canyon. Purchasing my first piece of original art. Skiing down the mountains in Steamboat. Visiting Dylan’s Candy Bar and drinking martinis at Bloomingdales in NYC.





Turning 30 years old and ringing in the new decade with a crew of my favorite people + sushi + cake + martinis. Realizing it was the first birthday of my life without my dad. Moving into my favorite apartment ever. Getting a pretty blue bike and riding it nonstop, including a weekly trek for tacos + moscow mules. Doing a full day of RAGBRAI and celebrating the end with a spontaneous hop in the lake. Moving Proper out of Badowers for a week to do a pop up shop.

dance floor

palm springs



Finding lots of dance floors to spin around on. Celebrating my moms 60th birthday in Palm Springs and surprising her with 60 letters from friends and family. Sweating away stress with lots of hot yoga. Visiting the original Cheers bar in Boston. Playing sand volleyball all summer long. Reeling in a 40 pound cobia fish off the coast of Florida. Sipping mimosas in Venice Beach. Camping in Yosemite National Park.



Listening to Tim Gunn give an incredible lecture. Roller skating around my favorite restaurant to raise money for charity. Hunting down Momofuku Milk Bar and savoring every sweet bite of the appropriate named crack pie. Running a marathon! Jumping around a trampoline park. Booking the most impromptu vacation I’ve ever taken for an early Christmas getaway with my spontaneous boyfriend. Missing my dad a lot, every single day. Enjoying lots of time with lots of good people in my life, and making big wonderful plans for 2015.



ice cream



paisley dress

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