fall wish list part 1

By July 22, 2014 Style


Summer is finally feeling like summer – I think I’m the only one who loves this 90 degree heat! For real – I LOVE IT! But with fall goodies starting to sprinkle in at Proper I can’t help but start thinking ahead to my favorite clothing season which is all-too-quickly creeping up. I fully believe you can have a favorite season overall, and a favorite clothing season. Am I alone in this?

A few things kicking off my first of many fall wish lists…I adore these classic, simple Edith Miller baseball tees and this super fun and colorful slightly cropped Cynthia Rowley short sleeve sweater.

From the second I saw these Edith Miller polka dot cozy lounge pieces in the showroom last February I knew I needed it all – an entire yummy trio made up of a short sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, and fitted pajama pants. It makes me want to have a slumber party with all my best girlfriends! I’m also lusting for a colorful, flexible plastic Medusa clutch (debating yellow or red though!) And these sparkly little Lulu Frost eyes + Proper soap (more on that later – not our brand but another Proper!)…I want them both! Finally, I’ve actually been crazy for these blue booties for probably a year now. I have them in black and another style from the Wolverine brand and the 2 pairs barely came off my feet last year. I think the blue would be so fun with skirts, skinny dark denim, and sweater dresses + leggings. I think I’ve waited long enough!



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bike wear

By July 16, 2014 Style

bike {this indian summer skirt, current/elliott jacket, lulu frost and sorrelli bracelets}

I got a bike earlier this year as a gift (thanks, boyfriend!) and have already logged a good amount of miles on her. In fact I’m gearing up to take part in one day of a weeklong bike trek across the state next week, RAGBRAI! While I’ve really been enjoying spending more time outside and cruising around, I can’t get on board with the typical ‘bike wear.’ Spandex and padded shorts just will never be my thing. My favorite kind of ‘bike wear’ is more like this – a cute bike print overtaking a simple linen pencil skirt. (I can’t get enough of this skirt – I’ve worn it weekly since I got it!) If you do have any recommendations though on ‘cute’ active bike wear – please do share!

Photo by Justin Meyer

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By July 14, 2014 Style

Navy1 {j crew dress, old banana republic shoes (similar), coach sunglasses, xo-lp bag, cause & effect and sorrelli bracelets}

This summer has been all about enjoying the season as much as possible. My go-to outfit in the summer is always a dress as it makes for the quickest way to get ready in the morning. (That – along with letting the hair air dry! Oh, the things I get done now with those extra minutes a few times each week!) I’m always flying out the door grabbing a bunch of things to take with me for the day – my laptop, camera, newest magazine, snacks, and usually a smoothie or coffee along with my purse. This punchy watermelon tote has been my latest carryall to hold together all my ‘necessities’ – isn’t it the cutest?

My friend Laura has been making really great, fun and witty postcards for awhile now, but recently printed a couple of her illustrations on bright colored bags. I’m keeping mine within arms reach in my car all summer long and packing it with me on weekend getaways – it folds neatly into itself into a tiny little nugget. You can get yours here. (also totally nuts for this pineapple one!)

Photography by Thomas Eslinger

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frank body

By July 11, 2014 Beauty


I’ve been an exfoliation nut kind of forever. My first encounter with it involved the $3 peach St. Ives body scrub I’d buy with my babysitting money as a teenager (and really – it’s one I’ve gone back to over and over through the years because it really does work great!) I’ve dabbled in making my own face and body scrubs – using straight-out-of-the-kitchen items like honey, olive oil, raw sugar, coconut oil, baking soda, and more. So when I read about Frank body scrub on my friend Grace’s blog, I was super intrigued and it led me to do a little research on my own. Just reading about it made it sound pretty magical…and after digging around on Instagram a bit it seemed as if Frank had a sort of cult following. All of this along with the fact that it was made with all natural ingredients + Grace’s recommendation had me diving for my credit card.

After just one use, I can see why the Frank cult exists! The intoxicatingly yummy coffee + coconut-y smell, and the way it leaves your skin feeling…it’s all just wonderful. The experience and end results are well worth the momentarily super dirty shower it will create while using it. (picture coffee grinds just everywhere!) You can order it here but at least do yourself a favor and check out their website – it’s too good. Any other fan-favorite scrubs you know about?

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