24 hour trip

By August 2, 2014 Life



Earlier this week I took a quick 24 hour trip to Boston – it was the kickoff for an upcoming project with Marshalls and I was excited to have even one hot minute back in a city I hadn’t been to in years. Between meetings I had a bit of free time to explore and I racked up as many miles on foot as I could pack in. A sprinkled cone from a Boston Frosty truck, a walk through Boston Common, a stroll by the original Cheers bar, and a late night cocktail (a cucumber mojito!) at the Top of the Hub to take in the best skyline view of the city. Looking forward to sharing more about the upcoming project, but until then, a few snapshots from the too-short of visit!

Boston {comme des garçon top, baldwin shorts, karen walker sunglasses, wink & winn purse, ice watch}






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recent gems

By July 28, 2014 Life


This past week was a fun, whirlwind, packed one. A few snapshots from life lately…

Wink & Winn allowed me to test out their customized handbag service and it was SO MUCH FUN! While there were all sorts of colors, patterns, textures and shapes to choose from – I decided to keep it simple and do everything in just one color. (It would be easy to get carried away though because of all the options!) I went with a fun poppy pink colored leather because I don’t have anything like it, and thought keeping it all a single color would help it to work with all sorts of outfits.



I can never get enough avocado in my life – and my go-to summer appetizer to make at home is the perfect mix of avocado, black beans, tomatoes, corn, and red onion. Toss with olive oil, lime juice, and sea salt…and try not to eat the entire batch.


I picked up some new running kicks a couple weeks ago as I’ve been hitting the pavement a lot lately. I was planning to run a half marathon in October, but after some encouragement and convincing…I’ve decided to run the full! It will be my first (and maybe last? Or not? Am I crazy?) and I’m terrified, anxious, and giddy all at the same time. If you have any recs on the best running shoes or gear that I must know about – please please share!

Finally, this was the peaceful serene view I woke up to last Thursday morning. I spent Wednesday riding my bike all day (ok all day is sort of an overstatement…we stopped for drinks + food approximately every 4 miles and got here to the lake by early afternoon!) – regardless, I took part in my first ever day of RAGBRAI. The annual bike ride across the state of Iowa was one unreal sight to be seen. Being surrounded by tens of thousands of super happy people on bicycles is one great way to spend a day. And ending the day / starting the next morning with this view made it that much nicer.

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fall wish list part 1

By July 22, 2014 Style


Summer is finally feeling like summer – I think I’m the only one who loves this 90 degree heat! For real – I LOVE IT! But with fall goodies starting to sprinkle in at Proper I can’t help but start thinking ahead to my favorite clothing season which is all-too-quickly creeping up. I fully believe you can have a favorite season overall, and a favorite clothing season. Am I alone in this?

A few things kicking off my first of many fall wish lists…I adore these classic, simple Edith Miller baseball tees and this super fun and colorful slightly cropped Cynthia Rowley short sleeve sweater.

From the second I saw these Edith Miller polka dot cozy lounge pieces in the showroom last February I knew I needed it all – an entire yummy trio made up of a short sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, and fitted pajama pants. It makes me want to have a slumber party with all my best girlfriends! I’m also lusting for a colorful, flexible plastic Medusa clutch (debating yellow or red though!) And these sparkly little Lulu Frost eyes + Proper soap (more on that later – not our brand but another Proper!)…I want them both! Finally, I’ve actually been crazy for these blue booties for probably a year now. I have them in black and another style from the Wolverine brand and the 2 pairs barely came off my feet last year. I think the blue would be so fun with skirts, skinny dark denim, and sweater dresses + leggings. I think I’ve waited long enough!



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bike wear

By July 16, 2014 Style

bike {this indian summer skirt, current/elliott jacket, lulu frost and sorrelli bracelets}

I got a bike earlier this year as a gift (thanks, boyfriend!) and have already logged a good amount of miles on her. In fact I’m gearing up to take part in one day of a weeklong bike trek across the state next week, RAGBRAI! While I’ve really been enjoying spending more time outside and cruising around, I can’t get on board with the typical ‘bike wear.’ Spandex and padded shorts just will never be my thing. My favorite kind of ‘bike wear’ is more like this – a cute bike print overtaking a simple linen pencil skirt. (I can’t get enough of this skirt – I’ve worn it weekly since I got it!) If you do have any recommendations though on ‘cute’ active bike wear – please do share!

Photo by Justin Meyer

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