being thirty

By March 14, 2014 Life


A week and a half into being 30, and I’m still adjusting to my new number. I don’t want to be a crybaby about it, but this is the first birthday ever that I wasn’t totally excited about. And this is coming from a self-admitted birthday queen. I’ve had a hard time pin pointing it – I am surrounded by great people, adore my job, just moved into a fun new apartment, and have lots of really exciting things to look forward to. I know age is just a number, but 30 just feels so weird to say. Like I’m really supposed to feel all different, and I don’t.

I did have a fun day celebrating the new age – starting the day before with a cupcake delivery at work. On the birthday, I skipped through the day kicking it off with breakfast and mimosas with friends, lunch with mom, a hot pink manicure, a sushi feast with a group of my favorite people, and capped it off with a martini and a dance floor. I indulged in the hands-down tastiest cake ever (it was made by local bakery Creme and was my favorite flavor – almond cake, with almond frosting, and had polka dots and weighed what felt like 20 pounds!) – and savored it as my last sweet until Easter as I decided to give them up for Lent. Maybe it’s not 30 that’s bringing me down – I’m just a little grumpy without the occasional sweet treat. ; )


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a move and a birthday

By March 7, 2014 Style

fur pullover2{banana republic fur pullover (sadly sold out!), j crew sweaterbaldwin ‘L’ denim, wolverine arc boots, karen walker ‘northern lights’ sunglasses, lulu frost earrings}

It’s been a whirlwind past week with 2 big milestones that sort of came together at a really good time. Within a few days of being back from NYC, last weekend I moved into a new apartment. Isn’t moving the worst? I moved only blocks from my old place, but moving on one of the coldest days of winter was no fun for all parties involved. My new place feels somehow more ‘grown up,’ which is fitting as I spent Wednesday celebrating my 30th birthday. (yikes.)

Sidenote – isn’t this fur pullover the coziest looking thing ever? I had wanted a similar looking Kate Spade one a couple years back but never got it, and this past holiday season Banana Republic had this almost identical looking one that I also missed out on! After a mad hunt and calling approximately 32 Banana Republics around the country, my darling, sweet intern surprised me with this as an early birthday gift. I couldn’t love it any more!

fur pullover3

fur pullover, a sequin dress at breakfast

Photography by Justin Meyer

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new york market

By February 27, 2014 Life, Style

new york market 3

It never fails after I get home from a trip to New York City – the total complete exhaustion that follows the second the wheels lift off the ground to take me back to reality. {It’s what I’ve fondly referred to in the past as a New York hangover.} This trip was no exception – all at the same time I feel wiped out yet re-energized, tired but antsy, and heartbroken to leave the city but thrilled to bring all I saw and did back home to share.

I spent this past trip researching and buying for Proper’s fall 14 season. Between trips to several gorgeous showrooms (favorites being Steven Alan-where I wanted everything from every line, Lulu Frost-my sparkly heaven, and Harvey Faircloth-I may have actually got emotional over the most perfect swingy striped dress) I also went to several markets to check out some regular favorites (Baldwin, Cause and Effect, Cynthia Rowley), where I also found some really amazing, beautiful new lines I plan to start carrying this fall. From the coziest, want-to-curl-up-in-it-all-day-cashmere, to art deco jewelry that you want to pile on until you can’t walk, it was all stimulation overload in the best way possible.

new york market 2

new york market 4

new york market 5

new york market

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spring preview

By February 19, 2014 Style

trench {vintage leather trench (similar here), gap jeans, j crew top, kate spade flats, karen walker sunglasses}

Spring stopped by for a preview yesterday, although rumor is it’s only a brief teaser of an appearance. (I’m going to pretend it’s here to stay even though the weather man says to prep for a winter storm tomorrow.) It’s funny how instantaneous everything changes when the weather turns nice – peoples moods, clothing, outlook, everyone just seems…happier.

I spent this past weekend living in boots and fleeces – and skiing in Steamboat, Colorado. I hadn’t hopped up on skis for a few years but was able to hang enough to make it down a few semi-scary trails. I admit, hot chocolate at the bottom of each run was sometimes the motivation I needed to get down the terrifying descent. While I’m usually a classic over packer, I went minimalist / hippie / sporty this weekend and lived in flannels, Uggs, and sweatpants. I enjoyed every minute of the low key weekend – the skiing, the gorgeous mountain views, dancing to a bluegrass band at a local bar . {But…I’m just as excited to switch out the smart wool socks for sequins next weekend in NYC!}

PS – I am hosting a little spring preview at Proper tomorrow night 2/20 from 5-7 pm. Stop by (currently inside Badowers!) for sips, snacks, and spring goodies!


Photography by Justin Meyer

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