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March, 2012


By March 30, 2012 Style

I’ve always had more color than black in my closet, so all the neon and brights taking over every store is fabulous bliss to me. Even pairing neon with neutral is becoming less appealing to me lately – there’s too much color to be worn! Some neon-spiration of late…

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a bright spring

By March 28, 2012 Style

Some brights from the last week: the prettiest Kate Spade polka dot dress {that unfortunately fit wrong in every way}, enjoying a sunny Sunday on the patio with a stack of mags, a few new Marc by Marc Jacobs purses, the ad that makes me envious of kids, pink denim skirt at J Crew, and a roundup of the brightest kicks}

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two years

By March 26, 2012 Style

Saturday was the 2 year anniversary of my sparkly little distraction of a blog. It’s strange to think about how things would be had I never started writing this, and all the fabulous experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met that I would have never encountered otherwise. Thank you to all of you who read, write, comment, and encourage me to keep on going. Cheers and sequins to you!

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chop chop

By March 23, 2012 Style

There are things you plan and things that happen spontaneously. Chopping off about a good length of my hair happened with a bit of both. I’d been pondering a shorter do for awhile, but a few nights ago I decided I needed a haircut – literally right that moment. I called a nearby salon, and less than an hour later I had 3 less inches of hair. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel a lot lighter on your feet.

{dress: michael kors, clutch: marc by marc jacobs, necklace: f21}

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