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October, 2011

diy: gold glitter boots

By October 28, 2011 Style

Happiness is online ‘window shopping’ the Barney’s website and daydreaming that it’s all soon going to reside in my closet. But when I saw these ~$600 gold glitter ankle boots I knew they could be mine…with a quick makeover from an old pair I already owned. I’ve already glittered heels so I knew these would be just as easy. Some helpful hints I’ve learned (the hard way): do your glittering outside so excess can fly away. {hello sparkly neighborhood!} Also, stuff your shoes with something while making them sparkly- so glitter doesn’t get stuck inside, which will inevitably end up on your feet when wearing them. Finally, do a final sealing spray coat of gloss. Although really, there could be worse things than leaving a trail of glitter behind you.

*Side note-the sweet Anna of See Jane was working on her diy gold glitter boots the same time I was! {Special thanks to ac and cc for the photography!}

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crave vs save: black wedge bootie

By October 27, 2011 Style

Every girl needs a basic black wedge bootie in their closet. It’s easy to wear-and to walk in-and goes with everything from denim, to leggings, to tights {my favorite winter leg covering!} If you need a pair, do some digging before grabbing the first ones you see, because I can think of many other things to spend the savings on…and who can tell the difference?

{left: michael michael kors, $198. right: old navy, $39.94}

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a girly night

By October 26, 2011 Style

Last night I attended a little soiree that was the ultimate girls night out. We sipped on wine while getting beautified by Chanel, which for me included testing out a serious red lip. I typically leave this to the pros, but thanks to the fun result and beautiful packaging, I couldn’t resist picking up their newest red gloss from this holiday’s collection to recreate the look at home. I’m not sure if it was my sparkly Chanel red lips or the {few} glasses of wine, but despite the near 80 degree weather today – it got me excited for holiday parties. Is it too early to be excited for that?

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pumpkin smoothie

By October 25, 2011 Uncategorized

There is a fine line between a smoothie and a dessert. Pictured here is my favorite smoothie to make this time of year…just combine 1 frozen banana + 1 cup milk + 1/3 can pumpkin + dash of pumpkin pie spice/cinnamon/nutmeg/brown sugar and you’ve got yourself a tasty little breakfast smoothie. But this time, I was very tempted by a nearby sitting pumpkin bar to throw that in the blender too. But that would be a dessert, and a questionably appropriate breakfast, no? Need more pumpkin? See old pumpkin posts here and here.

*The day after Thanksgiving, this ‘smoothie’ may even get a slice of pumpkin pie thrown in there. For breakfast!

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