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July, 2011

weekend wind down

By July 29, 2011 Uncategorized

I think I have a rain cloud following me. After the colossal missed vacation (which we’re still in a war with Delta about), things have just been off all week. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend winding down and catching up. Hot yoga, writing some thank you notes, trying out the new flat iron Misikko sent me, and sadly unpacking the bag for the vacation that never happened are all on my to-do list this weekend. (and maybe whipping up another batch of cake batter dip!)

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cake batter dip

By July 28, 2011 Uncategorized

As a huge fan of any cake or cookie flavored treats, I about did back flips when I spotted this recipe on Pinterest for…cake batter dip. I had been waiting for the perfect time to make it, so last weekends impromptu trip to the lake with a group of friends seemed like the perfect setting. Combine 1 cup vanilla yogurt + 1 tub of cool whip + dry funfetti cake mix powder until it tastes perfect to you. (I think I used almost the entire bag…when it originally called for several tablespoons). We dunked animal crackers in it (and the occasional spoon), but it also would be great with vanilla wafers, pretzels, or graham crackers.

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the vacation that wasn’t

By July 26, 2011 Uncategorized

I can still hardly believe it happened. It’s entirely too long of a story-but here’s the annotated version. Thursday morning, while heading to Tampa to board our cruise, we encountered numerous mechanical delays, followed by a Delta employee who re-booked our flights and gave us the wrong tickets, followed by another re-route since the wrong ticket meant we couldn’t board the plane, followed by more mechanical delays. (headache yet?) As the minutes and hours ticked by, and airline employees became increasingly unhelpful, we slowly realized there was absolutely no way we would make our cruise. After over 5 hours of being stuck in the Memphis airport, we sadly boarded the plane to head back home where we had started that morning. I can’t get over it-the vacation I’d been planning and looking forward to for months never happened.

{nursing our wounds while flying back home, with Entourage, Biscoff, and a cocktail}

The only way I avoided full on vacation-fail depression was that we had originally turned down an offer to spend the weekend at a friends lake home. We quickly let our friends know about our sad change in vacation plans, and 10 minutes after we got home, they picked us up to the lake where we enjoyed 3 days of boating, swimming, bonfires, good food, and great margaritas.

I’m still in shock about our vacation that never was, but grateful we had a much needed and fun distraction. Until next time…I will be avoiding a certain airline at all costs.

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diy: glitter platforms from raving fashionista

By July 25, 2011 Style

If there is one thing Kiley and I undeniably have in common, it’s our love of all things sparkly. That said, I’ve been lusting after these glittery Jeffrey Campbell platforms for some time now, but given their price tag {$145} I couldn’t quite justify the practicality of these particular sparklers. Since I haven’t been able to get them off my mind, I decided to get creative. I found these platforms on the site dedicated to shoe lovers, Just Fabulous, for $39.99, and although they’re not a perfect match, they are close enough for what I had in mind.

{debbie platforms via just fabulous}

I must start by warning you that this can be messy so I recommend working outside and laying down newspaper to protect your workspace. Using a flexible, waterproof, permanent glue that specifies it is safe for fabrics {I used E-6000}, I covered all areas of the shoe I wanted to sparkle with the help of a sponge brush. While the glue is still tacky I covered the entire shoe with glitter. I opted to use a gold glitter since I’ll personally get more wear out of a gold platform rather than the multi-colored glitter version. I made sure to wait at least 24 hours for everything to dry before attempting to touch up any bare spots. Once they’re fully glittered and dry, I protected my new twinkling toes by spraying the completed shoes with a sealer. And voila! I have a fun pair of shimmering heels at a fraction of the price.

Thanks so much to Raving Fashionista for today’s guest post.

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