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March, 2011


By March 31, 2011 Style

This week has been flying by and between working days + a killer boot-camp-esque workout that has been dominating my nights, it hasn’t left time for much else. A few things currently on my to-do list include both necessary and ‘frivolous’ matters, but they are all the same to me-I just need to carve out the time to make them happen!

These ‘to-do’s’ include playing dress up with my new Walter sequin pants, catching up on an ever-growing stack of magazines, crafting some DIY thank you cards (and sending them out!), and researching my summer “green thumb” project-growing tomatoes.

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s’mores turnovers

By March 29, 2011 Uncategorized

Last Friday night the bf and I decided to stay in on our typical date night out. We made the night just as nice as a night out though and picked up some lobster and crab to make for dinner. While the dinner was fabulous, we were soon craving something sweet, and it was the perfect time to try my smores turnover recipe I’d pinned awhile back. As an avid marshmallow (and chocolate) fan, this was everything delicious and more. I used this recipe but kept it simple and left out the peanut butter. All you need is a little puff pastry, chocolate bar, and graham cracker, drizzled with some warm marshmallow cream, and you’ve got yourself a grown up version of s’mores.

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sparkle and sprinkle

By March 28, 2011 Style

Much like I used to spend hours working on my hard bound scrapbooks, I now find myself doing the virtual version at some point most days. My Pinterest has become my little secret ‘stash’ of things I love, food I want to attempt to create, and lust-worthy items I hope to someday have in my home and closet. A few of my favorite recent pins…

1. via the coveteur
2. via pinterest
3. via full house
4. via etsy, Hindsvik
5. via tumblr

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one year!

By March 24, 2011 Style

Today is my one year anniversary of ‘a Sequin Dress at Breakfast.’ Technically, I popped out a small first post last February, but waited over a month until a year ago today to start posting regularly, so this is what I consider my official 1 year. Thank you for every comment, email, and encouraging word-I truly love and appreciate every one. It’s been quite an incredible ride, and without my so called “lovely little distraction” the last year of my life wouldn’t have been quite so fabulous (and sparkly).

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