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January, 2011

recipe for relaxing weekends

By January 31, 2011 Uncategorized

It was another lovely and low key weekend, highlights included a couple delicious dinners out + martinis, a successful trip to Goodwill which resulted in scoring a few great vintage finds, baking the most over-indulgent cookies I’ve ever concocted (recipe and pics to follow this week), reading my Feb Vogue from cover to cover, and lots of lounging around and relaxing with the bf. Ahhh…I live for nice weekends. How was yours?

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“you breathe the shoes”

By January 28, 2011 Style

Last night I was lucky enough to have dinner with two darling style bloggers, Sam of The Brunette One and Brittney of Hush n Wonder. We got so caught up in our great wine, food, and blog talk that we realized at the end of the night that we forgot to take a single picture. One of our many shared loves is our devotion to great shoes-so when I came across this video from J Crew all about how their shoes are made, I was fascinated. For something we wear so often, no one really gives much thought to how they came to be. The passion that goes into each pair of shoes is so beautiful, it makes me want to go buy a new pair…right…now.

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oh so grey

By January 27, 2011 Style

Remember when a candy colored Juicy velour tracksuit was the ultimate in loungewear? Lately I’ve been wishing I could pull one out of the back of my closet as I’ve been in the mood for nothing but comfy, soft, yummy warm clothing. It’s easy to want to hibernate this time of year-give me a hot cocoa, stack of magazines, cozy sweats and I’m a happy girl. Unfortunately, the dreary weather tends to influence my wardrobe choices, and therefore also lacks much color. A few fitting pieces I could most definitely live in until warmer weather arrives…

1. burberry, ribbed-detail belted cashmere robe, $795
2. tory burch, pom pom hat, $198
3. muk luk store, grey original boots, $221.25

Don’t you just want to throw on all of these soft cozy gray pieces, turn off the phone, and curl up with a new book Vogue?

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snow, salt, and sparkle

By January 26, 2011 Style

After diverting from my typical sequined, sparkly, delicious posts a couple weeks ago to devout a day to a more necessary + functional pair of winter boots, I’ve still been pondering how to actually wear them without looking like I’m headed for a snowy hike. Thanks to The Little Black List (via The Brunette One!) I have been inspired as I now realize I can wear my usual cold weather favorites (fur + sequins + etc), and they don’t always need to be paired with as beautiful of shoes. See perfect example here:

Who would have pictured such a happy marriage of glam and functionality?

**Be sure to check out the Raving Fashionista, where I am today’s guest blogger.

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