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December, 2010

happy new years eve!

By December 31, 2010 Style

2010 has come to an end and it’s been quite a ride. A few highlights of my 2010:

6 weddings
20k running race
1 emergency room visit (unfortunate post-pedicure slip on the ice…on my birthday)
190 blog posts
3 girlfriends had babies
10 days in NYC over 2 trips (therefore approx 28 Mr. Softee’s sprinkle dipped cones)
1 gorgeous pair of Louboutins

Happy New Years Eve! Hope you are dressing up tonight in something sparkly and celebrating in style. Cheers!

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new years resolutions

By December 30, 2010 Style

I’ve decided this year to change up my typical New Years resolutions. In 2011, I vow to…

Buy more quality, less quantity. While it’s fun to have a full closet to choose from every day, it’s a waste if you only wear the same few things over and over. I’ve realized over the past few years that it is better to spend a bit more on a great quality coat, pair of shoes, or bag, if you truly love it and can picture yourself wearing it years ahead. I purchased my magenta United Colors of Benetton coat 3 years ago and was so anxious because it was more money than I’d ever spent on a coat. But at the start of every winter I get so excited to pull it out-with it’s oversized high collar and thick sturdy buttons- and still feel great every time I wear it.

Keep my closet more organized. There’s nothing more frustrating to peek into your closet full of clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear. But I think of the feeling I get walking into a beautiful, well organized boutique and I get completely giddy. Why not set up your own closet so you feel like you go ‘shopping’ every time you’re in it? Take inspiration from the closet of Vivre founder Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti.

Make my closet multi-seasonal, and multi-functional. I’ve re-introduced tights into my wardrobe this year in a big way, which has really helped take some typically ‘summer’ dresses into year round wearables. But I know there is more I can do to take year-round advantage of my closet, and I vow to try it more often. Tights can be worn under shorts, or with open toed shoe, sweaters can be worn over summer dresses, and tunics/short dresses can be tucked into skirts for a whole new look outfit. Don’t believe me? Just look at my darling blogger friend Anna, of See Jane, who rocked the shorts+tights look perfectly a few weeks ago when heading to a holiday party.

Try more DIY. Glitter shoes-check. Next on list to attempt: the feather skirt. Thanks to the inspiration blog PS-I Made This…, blogger/crafter Erica has made thousands of girls realize that many of the things they’re lusting for in stores can be made with a little creativity and for a lot less money than the original is selling for. And to have a unique item that you’re guaranteed no one else will have on? Priceless.

What are your resolutions for 2011?

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the salty truth

By December 29, 2010 Uncategorized

If there’s one thing I despise spending money on, it’s shoes I buy for function and not out of love. This is a rare occasion for me, the main one being tennis shoes for the gym. No matter how many bells or whistles, I really despise every gym shoe I’ve ever seen or purchased. But they are a necessity-and always the one pair of shoes I know I should wear more often than I do. With our recent snow covered ground, I’ve started realizing how nice it would be to have a pair of completely waterproof boots that could help me avoid the slow salty death of one more pair of shoes I love.

Unfortunately, I’ve also realized that finding a non-atrocious pair of these kind of boots is much like finding a cute pair of tennis…almost non-existent. So after a bit of digging, here is a few of what I’ve found to be the best not-too-moon-shoe-looking snow boots that are all completely waterproof. Your closet full of beautiful shoes will thank you for keeping them warm, safe, and unsalted.

1. Hunter Boots, Summit Waterproof $206.50 sale
2. Sorel, Snow Angel Lace, $85
3. Adidas by Stella McCartney, Galmei Boots, $230
4. Keen, Snowmass Low Boot, $130

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reason to celebrate

By December 28, 2010 Style

Thank goodness New Years Eve is just one week after Christmas. After such a fabulous holiday buildup with Christmas music, decor, and food everywhere you turn, it would be hard to go back to the normal grind without one more celebratory week. I am happy to say that this is another short week for me. A couple vacation days + NYE holiday = a stress free way to end 2010. Looking forward to catching up on a stack of magazines, cleaning up the tornado of presents that has overtaken every square inch of my place, attempting a few DIY projects (such as marshmallows-which a few weeks ago was a major fail), browsing a few favorite stores armed with Christmas gift cards, and ringing in 2011 in a sparkly little number. I feel like one lucky girl, Santa was so good to me this year. A peek at some of the fab goods…

Do share…what was the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

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