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September, 2010

the break up

By September 30, 2010 Style

In honor of the news that Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski are parting ways on October 1st (wahhh!)…


I have loved that pair so much for so long, that the boyfriend was sweet enough last Halloween to give in to my adoration, and (reluctantly) agreed to let me dress him up in a bowtie, glasses, and suspenders so I could don my fur, sequins, and biggest sunnies so we could go out as the couple. Yes-he is a very good sport.

I’m in need of some serious inspiration to top last year’s costumes. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Best of luck to my favorite stylist and divo pair-fashion reality television won’t be the same without them.

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take me to the cape

By September 29, 2010 Style

Wearing a poncho has never been appealing to me-until recently. Too often they appear just like a blanket that was just tossed on over to cover up everything underneath, and they can make a girl of any size and shape appear larger. But lately I’ve been spotting capes and ponchos (is there a difference?) that make me reconsider. I think as long as they are paired with the skinniest of pants, are thoughtfully chosen, and are well made, they can be a cozy and comfortable-yet stylish addition-to any casual fall wardrobe. And you know I couldn’t resist adding a glam little fur number in with the mix.

american eagle, poncho capelet, $39.95

diane von furstenberg, wool cape jacket, $395

y-3, cotton hooded cape, $290

barneys new york, shearling cape, $1535

What’s your take on the cape?

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diy: twinkle toes

By September 28, 2010 Uncategorized

Remember when I professed my love for these glitter oxfords and these glitter platforms? After falling for these sparkling Kate Spades, I decided it was time to make room in my closet for my own pair of glitter toes.

kate spade, sheldon, $295

Since these are not exactly ‘every day’ shoes (hah!) I don’t believe they are worth investing too much in, unlike a good pair of jeans, purse, or coat-all of which are well worth a splurge. After seeing enough glitter-ized shoes in picture and in person, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to purchase these…because I could make them! So after raiding my closet for an old pair of shoes I wore to death a couple years ago, I decided they were the perfect pair to revive and try out my DIY project.

Simply coat with a clear drying glue

Find a wide open space…and let the glitter flow! Be prepared for a gold disco ball mess.

Let it dry for a bit then repeat the glue and glitter process…a few times to get the shoe fully covered. Don’t forget the heel.

Glitter and glue you have reached complete sparkly shoe perfection. Finish with a couple coats of spray gloss to hold the glitter in place as much as possible, although I’m fully expecting to leave a sparkling trail behind me the first time I wear them.

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vintage accessories

By September 27, 2010 Uncategorized

Had a low key and relaxing weekend, and already excited for next to head to another wedding! On Sunday afternoon I went to a local art fair where I walked away with some new additions to my ever expanding accessories collection. The first was a vintage ivory beaded and sequin covered clutch…because who can have enough clutches? Much like coats, it’s nice to have options when the need for a clutch calls.

I also walked away with 3 new pairs of earrings, all made from vintage former clip on’s. They are made by Mimi Bird, and I was excited to find out she has an etsy shop. Love that they are handmade by Mimi from vintage pieces.

This weekend I also created a Sequin Dress at Breakfast facebook page-you can find it here. Finally, I also started a little (very sparkly) DIY project, which will be posted as soon as it’s complete! (Yikes-assuming it turns out as planned…have you ever had a DIY project go completely wrong?!)

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