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July, 2010

back it up

By July 31, 2010 Style

I have never been much of a backpack girl. Even in elementary school, I never could just go to Target or the mall and pick out a new Jansport. The colors to choose from were less than impressive, and I didn’t want the same purple backpack 12 other girls in my class had. So I would usually find a way to pile my loads of books and Trapper Keepers into a giant messenger bag, or some other cute alternative. Over the past few months though, more than a few backpacks have caught my eye and I’ve given serious thought to how nice it would be to not worry about switching up my heavy bags from one arm to the other to ease the pain that can ensue from the typical overstuffed purse. While this wouldn’t be my everyday purse replacement, I think they’d be nice to travel with, and the best reason of all to pick one up-cute backpacks finally exist!

marc by marc jacobs, pretty nylon backpack, $158

urban outfitters, will canvas and leather surplus backpack, $258

fred flare, recycled canvas backpack, $32

coach, poppy sequins backpack, $498 (also in navy)

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drink up summer!

By July 28, 2010 Uncategorized

Thanks to a comment yesterday from Ms. Pink over at The Pink and Blue Blog, I came across her fabulous blog…and a picture of a watermelon kegger, an idea which she got from another new fave blog of mine, You Are My Fave. Isn’t this the most creative and adorable way you’ve ever seen to serve drinks? This would be the hit of any party. It is now my goal to make one of these before the summer is over.

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skirting the subject

By July 27, 2010 Style

Although I’m a dress girl through and through, for some reason, I haven’t always had the same draw to skirts. I’m not sure why, as they’re typically much more versatile than a dress, since you can pair them with everything from a plain white tank to a turtleneck sweater and nights. Lately though, I’ve been tempted to give some more of my precious closet space to these gorgeous solid color textured skirts.

kate spade, sunny isle layered kayla pencil skirt, sale $207

urban outfitters, kimchi blue scallop skirt, $58

tory burch, fawn skirt, $525

mod cloth, basic principles skirt in coral, $44.99

keryn dizon, elijah layered skirt, $42

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off to the lake!

By July 23, 2010 Uncategorized

This weekend, I’m trading in my beloved dresses and heels that I’ve been wearing for lovely wedding after wedding, for something a little more casual. Heading to a girlfriends lake house for a couple days, and my bags are loaded with tees, swimsuits, flops, and my sunnies! Ok…so there are actually 2 cotton dresses in there… Anyway-I’ve also packed my mega mallows in hopes I can cook up some mega s’mores!

A couple things I’ve seen lately that are on my mind…

-Apparently Target is getting a line of shoes by Dolce Vita? I’ve already stalked their website and am doing what I can to get my hands on them. I am beyond obsessed with my black heel DV boots, and was on the hunt for some of their wedges while in NYC. This is AH-MAY-ZING!

-The Sephora email that hit my inbox today has caused me some alarm, as the subject line read, “Last chance for Shu Uemura!” Excuse me? I truly cannot get out the door (or sometimes car!) without giving my lashes a good squeeze between my beloved Shu. Good lord-I may need to buy their entire stock of eyelash curlers to last me 70 years.

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