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June, 2010

take a bow

By June 30, 2010 Style

I spotted this beautiful Kate Spade gold bracelet a few months ago while browsing through Von Maur, and was immediately drawn to it’s pretty yet striking look. It was definitely one of those things where even when I walked away and left it behind the pretty glass case, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Just when I had perhaps moved on from lusting for this pretty piece, I spotted a glimmer of a gold bow bracelet on a woman last weekend while at a fabulous engagement party. Of course I stopped her to compliment her arm candy on her wrist-and sure enough there was my beloved Kate Spade gold beauty. Le sigh…

kate spade, all wrapped up bow cuff, $175

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carrie clothes!

By June 28, 2010 Style

If you’ve seen Sex and the City 2, you surely lusted over that to-die-for blue tiered Halston dress that Carrie rocks with perfection.

Big time props to BarelyVogue for finding this beautiful alternative that won’t require several paychecks to purchase! It also comes in black, teal, and coral on’t they totally gorgeous? This dress would be perfect to wear to one of the many upcoming weddings I have this year. Thank you thank you, Barely Vogue!, tiered-accordion-pleat-tank dress, $32.80

After becoming so enchanted by this lovely dress, I hunted around GoJane a little more and was giddy to see another Carrie-esque impersonator. Remember this?

Why not dress yourself in this, solid color v-neck dress, $32.80

I was in love with these dresses Carrie wore the second they appeared on the big screen, so I’m getting that giddy anxious feeling that happens when I find things like this…

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i (tie) dye!

By June 26, 2010 Style

We all have learned that what comes around goes around-over the last year in particular-hello again, clogs, leggings, and jellies. I’m currently slightly in love wth a new trend that I’m not actually even sure ever was a ‘trend’ before, although it’s been around for years. While tie-dye may have been one of those fun, messy activities I did every year at summer camp, the spiral colored masterpieces I left with were surely only appropriate to wear to bed, and the dye stain on my fingers lasted longer than my fondness for the shirt. Fast forward to today and tie-dye is totally having it’s moment. As RZ would say, “I dye!”, bobi, stripe racerback tank, $40

neiman marcus, alice+olivia, laurie tie-dye belted dress, $368, leyendecker frett romper, $290

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By June 25, 2010 Style

Thanks to my darling blog friend Miss Anna Jane, of See Jane, I have been tagged with 5 questions. So here we go-I’ll give them my best…

Where were you 5 years ago?
Spending my summer in the Twin Cities, specifically St. Paul, Minnesota. I was working for a great little marketing company out of Chicago, doing promotions all over Minneapolis for Starbucks! What was supposed to be a fun little summer gig turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me, as they asked me after college to move to Los Angeles for a few months to work with Starbucks to coordinate winter holiday events. Moving to LA post graduation-even for a short amount of time- was a dream come true that I never even knew I had.

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
While my heart aches for California, I’d be truly content living anywhere by a huge body of water and beach. Growing up in a land locked state + my Pisces horoscope sign (I’m a fish!) has given me a deep love of being by, on, or near any water, especially the ocean. Dreamy…

What is on your to-do list today?
Upload pics from my fabulous bachelorette girls weekend in Michigan, laundry-specifically because I so love freshly washed sheets and desperately need clean white workout socks, organize my slowly overflowing jewelry tray and board, send a handwritten letter and candy to my neice who is at summer camp, grocery shop to fill my embarassingly spare fridge and cupboards.

What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
My homemade guacamole (it is the best), almond M&M’s, marshmallows, Swedish Fish, rainbow sprinkled ice cream cones. (I could easily name 55 more.)

I pass along the tag to these 5 lovely blogs, who have all so graciously commented on mine…enjoy!

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