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May, 2010

follow these girls!

By May 28, 2010 Uncategorized

Wanted to give a special shout out to a few of my newest fave blogs, and some fellow blog-istas that have so graciously commented frequently. I will try every Friday to give some blog love to my current faves and top commenters. A little blogging ‘Follow Fridays!’ …check out these seriously fabulous blogs…

Lindsay Loves It All: this darling Nashville blogger constantly is blogging about beautiful things that I totally adore. She often talks about her super cute mom and her arm full of bangles.

a Closet Fashionista: this recent college grad (congrats!) discusses her thoughts on all kinds of clothing lines, from the latest Chanel resort collection to Old Navy summer wear. She mixes in some of her own personal purchases, along with her many lusts. You can also ‘request a dress for less’ from her, and she’ll help you nail down a dress with your personal specifications!

See Jane: this doll loves all the same things I do. I swear every time I read her blog I think ‘I want that too!’ And every post starts with a “See Jane…” do something fun fabulous and cool.

What are your top fave 3 blogs you follow daily? I like to start my day with Cupcakes and Cashmere and IowaGirlEats, then go through my ‘daily dessert’ blogroll to catch up with all my favorite girls! Happy Friday and have a FUN long holiday weekend! I have a little overnight shopping trip planned…hope to come back with some beautiful new purchases!

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sweet confectionary treats

By May 26, 2010 Uncategorized

You know I love a good sweet treat, based on this, this, and this. I recently made a trip to Beaverdale Confections, and have to show you the goodies I left with! I couldn’t resist picking up a few delectable treats some of these adorable oversized gummy butterflies.

These sweet treats were the size of my palm!

And SO delicious!

But the reason I went there was to get their specialty…their homemade marshmallows! Bought a small box of 3, as I knew I’d OD if I left with any more than that.

Picked one vanilla, one chocolate, and one caramel marshmallow-all chocolate dipped.

They had a gooey homemade mallowy middle

The best part of this great little spot-when I walked in the man behind the counter offered to roast me a marsmallow right there on the spot! It made me crave my toasted marshmallow shake! Mouth watering…right now.

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mid day delight

By May 25, 2010 Uncategorized

If you are any sort of shopaholic like myself, you probably get loads of emails a day from various online shopping places (yes I literally get hundreds-my inbox now is at 647…is that normal?) But one of my very favorite emails to hit my inbox is from Neiman Marcus and it has the subject line ‘Invitation-Only Two-Hour EVENT’ These fabulous invites/events happen about once a week, and it’s this super special sale on some fabulous items. When I say sale, I don’t mean they marked off a few last season dresses from $400 to $360. I’m talking BIG time markdowns-for 2 hours online only-in the middle of the day. Today for example, they had these Michael Kors wedges, marked down to $137 from $275!!!

And as soon as the 2 hour sale is over-all items go back up to regular price. As expected though, these items usually sell out pretty fast (not as fast as some items on Gilt Groupe or Hautelook though…I swear girls…some of you are vicious!) But regularly in these sales you can find Marc by Marc bags, Alice+Olivia dresses, and more current, beautiful items, at almost half off! It’s CRAZY! I would have snapped these cool clogs up but was a little too late as they’d sold out. I need to remember to be by my computer always at 11:30 am on these special days…and grab the necessities FAST! Do yourself a favor and sign up for these emails-but you have been warned! The discounts are so good it can make a girl dizzy with excitement, which can lead to impulse (but possibly fabulous) purchases.

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By May 24, 2010 Uncategorized

With my upcoming little getaway fast approaching, I’m starting to already think about how I’m going to pack for this 5 day vacay. NYC is a hard one to pack for…I plan on packing a LOT into those few days, and it makes for a difficult suitcase packing situation! It’s not like a beach vacation, where you can pack a light bag with some swimsuits, flops, sunnies, and a couple sun dresses. The Big Apple requires functional, cute, easy to wear outfits-comfy shoes are a must, but I’m not about to walk around in regular old tennis shoes. I want fun outfits for the day that can take me through countless shops and seeing the sights, and dressy outfits and heels for NYC nights that include dinners, drinks and shows! I’m thinking I need some new ‘day’ shoes, and I think it’s time I finally buy some Chuck Taylors. The only thing that’s prevented me from buying these years ago is that I can NOT decide on what color to get!

As soon as I decide on a color, I change my mind! I think these Chucks will help me stroll through the New York days comfortable but feeling good! Yellow, green, pink, high top, low top, custom? What Chucks would you pick?

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