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April, 2010

the happy home

By April 29, 2010 Uncategorized

I LOVE fun home-y stuff. While it is nice to get comfortable and settled into wherever you are living, I think it’s important to never consider your dwelling place ‘done,’ but as an ongoing work of progress, constantly surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. Home should always be a place that makes you feel relaxed and happy. I LOVE finding new fabulous home-y things that I haven’t seen before or you can’t get anywhere else. Here are a few home goods I’ve been crushing on lately…

urban outfitters, marquee alphabet lights, $178

How FAB are these lights? Great as a single initial, or spelled out into a word-these are just amazing.

urban outfitters, keys phone wallet rug, $18

Fun right? How could you not love anything that is not only cute, but functional as well? You’ll never walk out of the house unprepared again!

cb2, peekaboo clear coffee table, $249

I’ve been lusting for a clear acrylic table for quite awhile…love how they just disappear into nothing, which allows you to really showcase whatever you have on TOP of the table.

anthropologie, amethyst crystal votive, $38

Can you honestly say you went through your childhood without having a super special rock collection at one time or another? This purple jewel could be a fun bookend holding together a group of clutch purses.

pottery barn teen, daily dot calendar, $39

Here again is another functional but so fab wall decoration. Pottery Barn Teen…it’s a secret goldmine for fun homey finds.

cbs, acrylic leaning wine rack, $149

I apparently have a thing for acrylic furniture right now-isn’t this wine rack great? Again, it can showcase the wine, and the rack disappears…love that.

ikea, heart mirror, $7.99

Wouldn’t this just make you smile every time you looked in it?

west elm, deconstructed rose pillow cover, $49

With all these funky, functional, and fun things around you, it’s nice to add a little feminine pillow, also to add some fresh texture to your couch.

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plastic vs pretty jewels

By April 28, 2010 Style

Even a die hard Rachel Zoe fan like myself isn’t always a fan of my daily TZR: The Rachel Zoe Report. While truly my heart gets a little flutter every morning when I see the TZR hit my in box, I was kind of grossed out with one of her posts from last week. In most of her daily emails, she showcases one fabulous thing-whether it’s a to-DIE-for dress, a-mah-zing accessory, or some other OOC (out of control) glam item that she finds ba-na-nas, as well as a “parallel universe” item- one that is similar in style and trend, but available at a much lower price. Here is one of the “parallel’s” she suggested last week for the lucite heel trend she was raving about:


RZ lost a little street cred with me this day. I mean come on…those heels are just bad! I am happy to report though that all credit was redeemed when she featured these gorgeous earrings today.

Turns out, these pretty bejeweled earrings are made by celeb Molly Sims, who has her own complete jewelry line! A few other of my faves:

Colored cushion crystal ring in Topaz, $85

Colored crystal drop earring in blue, $95

Multi strand long metal necklace with cab in turquoise, $225

Cab charm bracelet in coral, $95

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state pride

By April 26, 2010 Style

I’ve been attracted to more necklaces than usual lately. I’m usually a total ring and earrings girl, but recently I see a new need-to-have necklace almost daily! I first saw these necklaces of a states at a great little boutique in Columbus, OH, and totally fell in love. After doing some online digging, I found out that jewelery designer Maya Brenner makes these beauties. We all have a state that we hold near to our heart-whether it’s the state you consider home, or the state you want to be your home. Personally, the states of Iowa, Minnesota, California, and Ohio are all extremely near and dear to my heart, as at one point or another I have called these places ‘home,’ whether for a period of a few months or few years.

While I have yet to own one of these necklaces myself, I was excited to see on that until April 30th all of Brenner’s jewelry is 20% off with the code PEOPLESW. For each state, you can choose from 14k gold, 14k gold with diamond (in a location of your choice near the border), sterling silver, or sterling with diamond. I want to buy these for everyone I know-they just seem so personal and special.

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let them eat (cup)cake

By April 25, 2010 Uncategorized

Had a really fun weekend, full of running! (8k race), wedding! (girlfriend Meredith’s shower and bachelorette party), and baby! (friends Sarah and Jon’s shower-follow them here!) I enjoyed SO.MUCH yummy food but have to rave about one de-lish dessert in particular! Meredith’s mom made the most fabulous homemade champagne cupcakes! Have you ever seen a sweeter looking confection?

For obvious reasons I was obsessed with them, and am anxious to get the recipe used. Until then, I wanted to see what other deeelicious cupcake recipes I could find since these were totally inspiring!

Found one for Champagne Cupcakes with Sweet Buttercream Frosting here

Tiny Cherry and Almond Tea cupcakes here

Marshmallow Cupcakes here

And Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes here!

Yummmmmmy! Salivating again just looking at these…need to get back in the kitchen a.s.a.p!

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