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March, 2010

eye die!

By March 31, 2010 Style

Let’s talk lashes. Specifically, lash curlers. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler has been gushed about for years in all the magazines, and at all times can be found in both my bathroom and purse. It is truly a magical little love of a creation.  Every day, I don’t ever feel quite ‘ready’ until my lashes have been squeeeeeezed through the small silver contraption-multiple times.  I’m even guilty of using it while driving. YIKES! Eyelashes squeezed while driving could = bad news bears with one wrong slam of the breaks…but what it does becomes totally addicting. Some may think that all lash curlers are the same, or even more horrific-that they don’t do anything.  wrong-o.  Shu is where it’s at.

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legs in jegs

By March 30, 2010 Style

The first time I saw them on someone I actually did a double take – the bubble above my head was saying ‘WHAT is that girl wearing??’  Is she wearing jeans?  Is she wearing leggings?  Why do her leggings look like painted on jeans?  I was confused.  And it seemed like those pants were too.  They looked like denim, but were made of cotton. Fast forward to thie past winter that dragged on endlessly, and my collection of boots started to get daily wear and tear, and some jeans were taking a beating too. It started to get old when I’d want to wear my jeans and even my skinniest ones required some major maneuvering to shove down nice and clean into my boot.  They’d get bunched up and twisted around, and constantly needed to be adjusted.  I had my own little tricks to attempt to alleviate this issue- fold the bottoms of my jeans as tight as possible around my ankle, roll them up and stuff them in…ugh…nothing looked right. When I found these dark Joe’s a couple months ago, my jeggings tune changed. I’m not sure if I just got used to seeing them around in the stores and magazines, they actually were made of real high quality denim, or the fact that Joe’s was making them now, but they were perfection and I’m not sure how I went without for so long. Cheers for the legging and jean hybrid!

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goodbye salt, hello sun!

By March 30, 2010 Style

There are few things I love more than warm sunny days. Today was one of them. Although I often think I was meant to be born in California or another warm weather locale, I have gotten used to some gruesome winters after spending all of them in Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio. And while I seriously am tired of this neverending disgustingly long and brutal winter, I realized on this lovely day that there are a few little fabulous winter-y things that I am actually kind of sad to retire to my closet for now. So long, farewell, and until next winter…

*fur vest! The fur vest always feels like a little piece of luxury, and it keeps me super warm (sometimes too warm-hot flashy-esque warm!) It wraps around me like a big warm fuzzy hug and takes a plain vanilla outfit to a blizzardy treat of an outfit!

*butternut squash! That, and pumpkin, are THE flavors of fall and winter. Why do people not make pumpkin pies in the spring and summer? I even started adding pumpkin to my green monster smoothie! I may decide to whip this one out of the winter-only pile and keep it going all year long.

*tall boots! My beautiful boots leather and suede took a beating this winter-thank you salt trucks and record breaking snow fall. My daily uniform was partly made up of a pair of boots and leggings or tights. The best “boot trick” I ever learned was to stick rolled up magazines in my boots while they are not in use to help maintain their shape and keep them standing up on their own.

*warm delicious comforting drinks! I acquired a serious new drink obsession when Smokey Row opened up. Their sugar free soy chais are just dreamy. Not only did 3 different people give me birthday giftcards to Smokey Row, but one of the baristas knows my order when I walk in. Also, not much beats a Starbucks black and white hot chocolate. Half milk chocolate, half white chocolate…all delicious chocolate melty goodness. Any way-neither cup of warm comfort has the quite same appeal now as it does on a freezing cold day.

*wooly warm winter hats! Nothing better to hide and actually flatter a bad hair day.

*winter coats! You can put a beautiful coat over an outfit of head to toe sweats, and instantly you look put together. There’s not much that can compare to this easy dressing solution in the summer. Over the past few years I’ve started basically ‘collecting’ good coats. I believe they are like a good purse-you can enjoy their functionality and beauty for years to come. And because of this, both are well worth splurging on.

Although I’m sad to see these things go, I am already giddy thinking about all the summer days that lie ahead, and all the greatness those days bring…havaianas, Starbucks iced passion tea lemonades, platform sandals, grilling out, hot pink fingernails, and a natural glowy tan. Adios winter.

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roses are red, and so is this parfait dress!

By March 28, 2010 Style

I covet my magazines. Each and every one (and there are a lot), and each and every page. More on that later. But when I turned the page in one of my favorite mags and stumbled upon the most fun frilly frou frou red dress in an H&M full page advertisement, I knew it HAD to be mine. I had no idea where I was going to wear it, as unfortunately there are not an overwelming amount of cocktail attire appropriate occasions here in Des Moines. But I knew I needed to get my paws on this dress-the day it was released in stores-or I’d miss the boat. Dresses like this sell out in one day-they just do. This was the type of dress that I have to admit, I’d probably drop way more $$ on than would be appropriate, but it was seriously calling my name-I HAD to have it. But to my delight, and my bank accounts, it was only $40! Thank you thank you, H&M! To make it even more lust worthy, it was a part of this special Garden Collection, a unique group of lovely frocks that are all made from recycled bottles, textile waste, and organic materials. How fabulous and green is that?

After coming up with several different schemes to get hold of this dress, I realized that me travelling to the closest H&M that would have this special collection (Chicago!) was not very realistic. So I enlisted my fellow fashion minded friend Jadie, who not only went into her closest H&M to find this dress for me on the day it was released, but ended up enlisting a friend of hers to go to ANOTHER H&M for me since the first one did not have it! What a doll- I knew my fellow ex Gap girl would understand the importance of this serious red dress matter.

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